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Pacer Ventures is well positioned to support the growth of startups within Sub-Saharan Africa. A combination of attributes enables our deal-flow sourcing and portfolio management which promise realistic returns to our investors.

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Pacer Ventures launches operations

Pacer Ventures LLC recently announced its presence in the African venture capital space through a number of publications including Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Marketscreener, Marketwatch, Techmoran, Altassets, Privateequitywire, SwedenStarups and Benzinga. These publications highlighted our ambition to help budding entrepreneurs shape their organizational strategies and close the funding gap. 

Pacer Ventures LLC is a venture capital firm for Sub-Saharan Africa. Our fundsize of $3M is targeted for early-stage investing for startups solving the most critical problems on the continent. Registered in Delaware, with operational offices in Lagos and Johannesburg, Pacer VC is focusing on verticals that are expedient to the African continent, including healthcare, financial inclusion, education and agriculture.

Our GP’s at Pacer Ventures have 30+ years of combined experience in entrepreneurship and startup deal flow sourcing. Our fund uniqueness is tied to our abilities to source high potential startups on the African continent.