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About Us

Pacer Ventures is well positioned to support the growth of startups within Sub-Saharan Africa. A combination of attributes enables our deal-flow sourcing and portfolio management which promise realistic returns to our investors.

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Tech Development in Africa

Tech Development in Africa

Today, technology is driving global growth; continents that were left behind in past stages of the industrial revolution are now thriving. Africa is a continent endowed with countries rich in culture, natural and human resources. Each reacting differently to various…

Pacer Ventures launches Founders Clinic

Pacer Ventures launches PV Founders Clinic to support early stage enterprises and their founding teams with a view of building investment worthy startups. The PV Founders Clinic sessions will be anchored by Pacer Ventures leadership team and its mentors. Accepted…

The Role Of African VCs In The “New-Normal”

The past 7 months have ushered in a new way of living, working and doing business across the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to adjust in some way, bringing real changes to people’s lives and businesses.  Businesses during…