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Pacer Ventures is well positioned to support the growth of startups within Sub-Saharan Africa. A combination of attributes enables our deal-flow sourcing and portfolio management which promise realistic returns to our investors.

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Tips for Building a Better Network

Tips for Building a Better Network

Building networks is important early in one’s career as a founder when you’re trying to establish that start-up—to solicit guidance, advice, pitching, learning about investment options, and actually secure funds. Anyone can network, but the important question still remains “how well do you do it?“. Without further ado, let me share with you few tips to consider in addition to building your network.

  • Know and participate actively in your Community

With every good community, you choose to follow through, try to bear in mind that the goal is to drive in connections deeper, build the connections gradually, being forceful about creating connection might drive in messages not suitable to the other parties, therefore grow the connection, remember it is “Build”, it should have a starting stage then be nurtured, see below some very good tips in nurturing good relationships.

  • The Win-Win Strategy

You’ll be remembered for your help, and may get business or referrals as a result later on and you win in another way, too. Helping others become successful is as rewarding as being successful yourself. Share helpful vital information to your community, as doing this is also paving the way for better opportunities for you.

  • Leverage Storytelling to amplifying your networking

Get your story straight and get your brand narrative right. When this is done properly, you set yourself apart from the competition because your business objectives are clear and understandable to prospective investors. Having a story is not enough. Your story needs to be intriguing and compelling enough to attract an audience to listen. A big part of that is getting to know who will be at the receiving end of your story.

  • Explore Offline channels

Attending events is a great way to meet new people and build valuable professional relationships. Look for networking events related to your industry, field or desired career path. Many businesses neglect the offline channels. This means that you can capture a larger share of the market while differentiating yourself from competitors. This brings our attention to the fact that having a lead-capturing system is paramount in network building – either personal or professional brands.

Building long-lasting professional relationships often take time. However, when you establish a rapport and develop a strong connection with your peers, you’re more likely to go further in such relationships in the long term, which can benefit the parties involved. Make time to grow the professional relationships you have, in addition to seeking new connections.